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This is a select compilation of recent publications in Adobe pdf format. For more complete publication listings, visit the personal web pages of the appropriate author accessible through the personnel link.

"Optical excitations of metallic nanoclusters buried in TiO2 for solar photochemistry," Fei Wang, Frank Womack, Phillip T. Sprunger, and Richard L. Kurtz, Proceedings of SPIE Conference on Solar Photochemistry (2009).

"The role of interstitial sites in the Ti3d defect state in the band gap of Titania," Wendt S, Sprunger PT, Lira E, et al., SCIENCE, 320, 1755-1759 (2008).

"Surface state influence on the surface lattice structure in Be(101_0)," Tang SJ, Jeng HT, Hsue CS, Ismail, Sprunger PT, Plummer, EW. PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 77, 045405 (2008).

"The electronic structure of ultrathin aluminum oxide film grown on FeAl(110): A photoemission spectroscopy,"
Kizilkaya O, Senevirathne IC, Sprunger PT, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 101, 063706 (2007).

“Electronic Structure of FeAl(110) using upgraded 6m-TGM at CAMD,” O. Kizilkaya, B. Watson, A. Sekharan, P.T. Sprunger, and R.L. Kurtz, Nucl. Instrum. and Methods in Phys. Res. 582, 261-263 (2007).

“Final State Effects in Photoemission Studies of Fermi Surfaces,” Richard L. Kurtz, Dana Browne, and Gary J. Mankey, J. Phys. Cond. Matt. 19, 355001 (2007).

“Electronic structure of silver nanowires on Cu(110),” W. Zhao, O. Kizilkaya, Y. Losovyi, R.L. Kurtz, and P.T. Sprunger, Nucl. Instrum. and Methods in Phys. Res. A 582, 267-269 (2007).

"Resonant photoemission of transition metal perovskites," W.R. Flavell, A.G. Thomasa, D. Tsoutsou, A.K. Mallick, J. Hollingworth, S. Patel, E.A. Seddon, R.L. Stockbauer, R.L. Kurtz, P.T. Sprunger, S.N. Barilo, S.V. Shiryaev, G.L. Bychkov, J. Electr. Spectr. and Rel. Phenom. 144-147, 777-782 (2005).

"Dimensionality in the alloy-de-alloy phase transition of Ag/Cu(110)," Kizilkaya O, Hite DA, Zhao W, et al. SURFACE SCIENCE, 596, 242-252, (2005).

"Resonant photoemission of single-crystal RBaCo2O5+δ (R=Gd, Dy)" W. R. Flavell, A. G. Thomas, D. Tsoutsou, A. K. Mallick, M. North, E. A. Seddon, C. Cacho, A. E. R. Malins, S. Patel, R. L. Stockbauer, R. L. Kurtz, P. T. Sprunger, S. N. Barilo, S. V. Shiryaev, G. L. Bychkov, Phys. Rev. B 70, 224427 (2004).

"dHvA measurements on LaSb2" R. G. Goodrich, D. Browne, R. Kurtz, D. Young, J. F. DiTusa, P. Adams, and D. Hall, Phys. Rev. B 69, 125114 (2004).

"Angle-resolved photoemission study and first principles calculation of the electronic structure of LaSb2" Alice I. Acatrinei, D. Browne, Y. Losovyi, D. Young, M. Moldovan, J. Chan, P.T. Sprunger, and Richard L. Kurtz, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 15 L511-517 (2003).

"Dominance of the Final State in Photoemission Mapping of the Fermi Surface of Co/Cu(001)" Xingyu Gao, Alexey N. Koveshnikov, Reginaldt H. Madjoe, Roger L. Stockbauer, and Richard L. Kurtz, Phys. Rev. Lett., 90, 037603 (2003).

"An STM study of the oxidation of Mg(0001)" A.U. Goonewardene, J. Karunamuni, Richard L. Kurtz, R.L. Stockbauer, Surface Science, 501, 102-111 (2002).

"Oxidation of Mg(0001) Studied by LEED and ESDIAD" A.U. Goonewardene, Richard L. Kurtz, and R.L. Stockbauer, J. Mod. Phys. B, 15, 3296-3301 (2001).

"The Use of Polarized Photons in Dichroism and Photoemission" Richard L. Kurtz, Proceedings of the 2000 CAMD Summer School: Synchrotron Applications to Materials Science, 15 pgs, 20 figs., 30 refs. CAMD, LSU (2000).

"Oxidized Ultrathin Fe Films on Cu(001)" A.N. Koveshnikov, R.H. Madjoe, J. Karunamuni, R.Stockbauer, and Richard L. Kurtz, J. Appl. Phys. 87, 5929-5931 (2000).

"Synthesis of epitaxial Fe3O4 films on Cu(001)," Richard L. Kurtz, J. Karunamuni, and R. L. Stockbauer, Phys. Rev. B 60, R16342-R16345 (1999).

"Growth of iron oxide on Cu(001) at elevated temperature" J. Karunamuni, Richard L. Kurtz, and Roger L. Stockbauer, Surface Science 442, 223-238 (1999).

"Observation of a Bulk-Like Fermi Surface for a Monolayer of Ni on Cu(100)," G.J. Mankey,K. Subramanian, R.L. Stockbauer, and R.L. Kurtz, Phys. Rev. Lett., 78, 1146 (1997).

"Photoelectron Angular Distributions of Ultra-thin Ni/Cu(100) Films," G.J. Mankey, K. Subramanian, R.L. Stockbauer, and R.L. Kurtz, in Applications of Synchrotron Radiation to Materials Science III, Eds. L.J. Terminello, S. Mini, D.L. Perry, and H. Ade, Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings 437 Pittsburgh, PA 1996, p 39.

"Angle-Resolved Photoemission from Ultra-thin Films of Cu/Ni(001)," K. Subramanian, G.J. Mankey, R.L. Stockbauer, and R.L. Kurtz, in Advanced Metallization for Future ULSI, Eds. K.N. Tu, J.W. Mayer, J.M.Poate, and L.J. Chen, Materials Research Society, Pittsburgh, PA 427, 59 (1996).

"Installation and Operation of the LNLS Double Crystal Monochromator at CAMD," P.J. Schilling, E. Morikawa, H. Tolentino, E. Tamura, R.L. Kurtz, C. Cusatis, Rev. Sci Instrumen. 66, 2214 (1995).

"Imaging the Fermi Surface of Cu using Photoelectron Spectroscopy," Z. Qu, A. Goonewardene, K. Subramanian, J. Karunamuni, N. Mainkar, L. Ye, R.L. Stockbauer, and R.L.Kurtz, Surface Science 324, 133 (1995).

"Valence band Studies of Electrochromic NiOx thin films," M.C.A.Fantini, A. Gorenstein, K. Subramanian, N. Mainkar, R. Stockbauer, and R.L.Kurtz, Brazilian Journal of Applied Physics 24, 775 (1994).

"Imaging The Surface State of Cu(111)", Z. Qu, L. Ye, A. Goonewardene, N. Mainkar, K. Subramanian, J. Karunamuni, R.L. Stockbauer, and R.L.Kurtz, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A12, 2187 (1994).

"Preliminary Performance and Experiments from the High-Resolution Plane Grating Monochromator at CAMD," Z. Qu, K. Subramanian, N. Mainkar, R.L. Kurtz, R.L. Stockbauer, A. Mihill, and V. Saile, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A347, 299 (1994).

"A Photoelectron Spectroscopic Study of the Valence and Core-level Electronic Structure of BaTiO3," L.T. Hudson, R.L. Kurtz, S.W. Robey, D. Temple, and R.L. Stockbauer, Phys. Rev. B 47, 1174 (1993).

"Surface Core-level Shifts Observed in Photoemission of Vacuum-Fractured BaTiO3(100)," L.T. Hudson, R.L. Kurtz, S.W. Robey, D. Temple, and R.L. Stockbauer, Phys. Rev. B 47, 10832 (1993).

"Resonant-photoemission investigation of the Heusler alloys Ni2MnSb," S.W. Robey, L.T. Hudson, R.L. Kurtz, Phys. Rev. B 46, 11697 (1992).

"Photoelectron Imaging of Fermi Surfaces," R.L. Kurtz, S.W. Robey, L.T. Hudson, R.V. Smilgys, and R.L. Stockbauer, Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A319, 257 (1992).

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